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107.5  The Game is proud to sponsor Prematurity Awareness Month. More than 150 babies are born too soon in our state each week. Join us on November 19th for the March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction to help raise money to fight premature birth. The Signature Chef Auction offers culinary delights, one of a kind silent…MORE

Does water on Mars mean there’s hope for life?

Does water on Mars mean there’s hope for life?

Potentially life-giving water still flows across the ancient surface of Mars from time to time, NASA scientists said Monday in revealing a potential breakthrough in both the search for life beyond Earth and human hopes to one day travel there.MORE

Top 5 NFL Games of Week 3

With Week 3 of the NFL season officially underway, the 120 Crew weighs in with the top five matchups to watch on Sunday.MORE