UCLA to pay Cal $10M per year for Big Ten departure

UCLA’s windfall for moving to the Big Ten Conference during the next academic year just got a little bit smaller, as a University of California board of regents panel approved a plan where Cal will be paid $10 million a year from its athletic rival for at least the next three years.

Both schools are members of California’s ten-school UC system, with Cal objecting to UCLA’s move to the Big Ten, saying it would be hurt financially through the dissolution of the Pac-12 Conference.

The $10 million payments, which will run through at least the 2026-27 school year, will help Cal offset losses from media rights. The board is expected to review the payment plan after three years.

According to reports, UCLA will be paid $60 million per year in the Big Ten. Cal reportedly will be paid $11 million per year over its first seven years in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Not long after UCLA and Southern California elected to move out of the Pac-12, Colorado departed for the Big 12, followed by Arizona, Arizona State and Utah, who also went to the Big 12. Cal and Stanford ultimately left for the ACC.

In a separate move, Oregon and Washington also agreed to join the Big Ten.

Only two schools remained in the Pac-12 — Oregon State and Washington State — when the exodus was complete. The Pac-12 will not be in operation for the foreseeable future, with Oregon State and Washington State to be paid a combined $65 million from the 10 departing schools.