Captain Dave Adair

Producer of The Early Game and Lunch with Brent & Tim

Hobbies: playing guitar, annoying my step-daughter with “Hey, listen to this”

First radio job: I was paid $10 to “watch the board” while the DJ snuck out to get lunch. The first record I played was “All of the Day and All of the Night” by The Kinks. The receptionist came running in, hit me in the head with an umbrella, and told me they didn’t play loud rock music until after 7pm on Saturdays.

Fun facts: I once took a wrong turn and wound up in Larry King’s dressing room. He was in the make-up chair and asked me how he looked. I told him he had a shiny forehead. after I turned and walked out, I heard him ask her, “Who the (heck) was that guy?”

Once during the morning show I asked a caller who he was. All he got out was “David,…” and I put him on hold for 25 minutes. Turned out it was Todd Ellis.

My first sports interview was with legendary lady wrestler The Fabulous Moolah. When it was done, I told her she had turned out to be a surprisingly nice lady…then she put me in a headlock.

Twitter: captdaveonair

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